Safe Exploring for Toddlers

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WeAreTeachers Staff on November 29, When fidget spinners became the hot new trend a few years ago, some teachers hated them. Others embraced the fad, though, understanding that the best fidget toys actually help many kids concentrate on their schoolwork. This roundup of fidgets is classroom-friendly and silent, but useful for students of any age. Need to save a little cash? Try these inexpensive DIY fidgets you can make on your own!

Carry On the Move Toddlers — it's hard to imagine a more fitting name for this stage of development. Between the ages of 1 and 3, toddlers are literally scooting absent from babyhood in search of new adventures. They're learning en route for talk, to walk and administer, and to assert their autonomy. For many in this become old group, outside and play are becoming common requests. As a parent, you're focused on care your little one safe.

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