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Or the damn weatherman got it wrong - again. Either way, your favorite leather bag got soaked with water. Dry Gently wipe off any standing water and allow the wet leather to naturally dry to the point of being damp - but not dry. Do NOT apply unnatural heat, like a blow dryer. For a jacket, hang it on a wide, padded hanger. For bagsbootsor shoesstuff them with crumpled newspaper to absorb excess water and help hold their shape. Condition While the leather is still slightly wet just dampapply a reasonably thick coat of leather conditioner. Massage the conditioner into the surface of the leather and leave it to dry for several hours or overnight. The conditioner will penetrate the leather and replenish the natural oils that were stripped from the water.

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It allows you to extend the handle to the desired chunk, place the microfiber pad adjacent to the baseboard, and walk at the same time as the pad glides and lifts the dirt away. The deluxe microfibers conform to the affect of the baseboards, so altogether the curves and contours are cleaned as it glides all along the surface to pull absent dust and dirt. Use Baseboard Buddy dry for everyday maintenance, or use it wet en route for get off stubborn grime. Denial more straining to reach after furniture or back-wrenching scrubbing arrange hands and knees. Take a few of the work out of housework with Baseboard Buddy. Accommodating Head Design Baseboard Buddy features a degree swivel-action head so as to enables you to clean baseboards and other surfaces from a few angle. Easy Ride and Coast Baseboard Buddy's microfiber cleaning amplify takes the shape of your baseboards to make cleaning an easy and complete as it glides along the surface. Add Than Just Baseboards The microfiber pads can tackle just a propos any surface they can access, from chair rails, banisters, fire mantles, and much more.

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