5 ways to tell if you're in the Friendzone : and the 1 way out

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Anonymous asked: Hey, I just watched a video of a dad holding a towel over his face and his daughter was sitting on the counter. She was giggling because she thought it was funny, since her dad was being silly. Then, the dad moved the towel and revealed his clean shaven face, the baby was practically in a state of shock and a bit scared, since her dad had a beard. It's like his a complete stranger without his beard. After watching this I was like i that Ron obviously kept his beard for a very, very long time making Hermione way to happyso do you think that he would do this to little Rosie? I don't think she'd be very happy that a man with no beard, is trying to hug her, or especially try to kiss her mum. Not sure if anyone has made this into a fanfic but it seems like a cool plot.

Here's how to tell. It's a favourite guy term. So a good deal so that it seems a few men feel zoning is a bite only women do to men. It's universal and gender disinterested.

Add together a comment 7 Dude, at the same time as a colloquial term of adopt, is gender-neutral. It's also a bite familiar. That tells me dude is rather common, relatively. The people who thought Stewart was being too familiar were basically older, or more formal by and large, or in the press after that found it a breach of etiquette. I am so old to hearing people address all other as dude, I didn't even notice! The first age I was addressed as dude, I was an adult, after that this was about fifteen years ago. Since I am lady, it hit my ear abuse. The guy yes, guy who called me dude said it was a term of kind word, so that put me by ease. Then I heard it more often and from erstwhile people.

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