The Gender Gap in Religion Around the World

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Firms with more gender-equal boards are better for the environment Is the use of passive language still a gender issue? There's a generally accepted narrative that women aren't being assertive enough at work in the word choices they use for communicating. Hive cites the Just Not Sorry Gmail plug-in that flags such shy language. However, Hive's research finds no evidence for this particular gender gap, showing that passive language is equally likely to be used by both women and men. Image: Hive Are genders finally becoming integrated? This one is a bit disheartening, and may speak to the inter-gender tensions — or at least lack of comfort — that afflicts our cultures as a result of past and continuing gender inequality. When it comes to individual chats, we tend to text others of our own gender. And when it comes to handing off work to others, the same is true.

A lot of religious groups, including Roman Catholics and Orthodox Jews, allow barely men to be clergy , while others, including some denominations in the evangelical Protestant belief, have lifted that restriction barely in recent decades. Yet it often appears that the ranks of the faithful are dominated by women. Noting similar femininity differences in other countries, above all in Europe, some social scientists have argued that women are universally more religious than men across all societies, cultures after that faiths. Even today, it continues to inspire much academic delve into, as well as discussions along with the general public. To add to this ongoing conversation, Pew Research Center has amassed all-embracing data on gender and belief in six different faith groups Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and the religiously unaffiliated athwart scores of countries, including a lot of with non-Christian majorities. But the study also reveals a add complex relationship between religion after that gender than has been frequently assumed. While women generally are more religious, men display advanced levels of religious commitment all the rage some countries and religious groups. And in other contexts, around are few, if any, discernable gender differences in religion. As a result of contrast, Muslim women and Muslim men show similar levels of religiousness on all measures of religious commitment except frequency of attendance at worship services.

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