Pleasure and pain: the effect of : almost having an orgasm on genital and nongenital sensitivity

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Particularly if dad was mad. Written by Douglas J. She was his sexual conquest. Once he attained victory, he was gone.

DOI: Aim: To clarify the relationship between sexual arousal, orgasm, and sensitivity in a beneficial female sample. Methods: Twenty-six women privately masturbated to orgasm after that almost to orgasm at two separate sessions, during which standardized pressure stimulation was applied en route for the glans clitoris, vulvar antechamber, and volar forearm at three testing times: i baseline; ii immediately following masturbation; and iii following a subsequent minute balance period. Main outcome measures: Affect thresholds tactile detection sensitivity , sensation pleasurableness ratings pleasurable compassion , and pain thresholds ache sensitivity. Results: Pleasurableness ratings were higher on the glans clitoris than the vulvar vestibule, after that at most testing times arrange the vulvar vestibule than the volar forearm; and at baseline and immediately after masturbation than 15 minutes later, mainly arrange the genital locations only. Ache thresholds were lower on the genital locations than the volar forearm, and immediately and 15 minutes after masturbation than by baseline.

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