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Gypsy Roma and Traveller History and Culture Gypsies, Roma and Travellers have a rich and diverse culture Gypsy Roma and Traveller people belong to minority ethnic groups that have contributed to British society for centuries. Their distinctive way of life and traditions manifest themselves in nomadism, the centrality of their extended family, unique languages and entrepreneurial economy. It is reported that there are aroundTravellers in the UK and they are one of the most disadvantaged groups. The real population may be different as some members of these communities do not participate in the census.

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The definitions of Gypsy, Traveller before Roma ancestors cross all sorts of ethnic and non-ethnic boundaries, encompassing communities that have a nomadic culture, history or daily life. Tracing Gypsy family history be able to be hard because of the lack of written records. Roma Gypsies are thought to allow arrived in Britain from the northern Indian sub-continent around The first reference to Gypsies all the rage England occurs in Irish Travellers are a separate cultural arrange who can be traced ago to 12th century Ireland after that started migrating to Britain all the rage the early 19th century. Drifting showmen, and more recently Additional Age Travellers, are also groups of people who lived arrange the road. Census records designed for Gypsy ancestry You may able-bodied suspect that you have Gypsy ancestry if it was mentioned in family stories.

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