What does it mean to be 'touch starved'?

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Summary Touch starvation refers to the longing for touch or physical contact from other living beings. It typically occurs when a person experiences little to no physical contact for a prolonged amount of time. Humans are largely social beings, and some research suggests that many people feel comfort, security, and satisfaction from physical contact. Deprivation of physical touch may result in people experiencing negative sensations, such as feelings of emptiness and loneliness. There may be a growing number of people experiencing touch starvation due to the global COVID pandemic. Physical distancing and social restrictions to limit the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus are limiting exposure to other people and reducing physical contact between humans. People may also refer to touch starvation as touch depression, touch deprivation, affection deprivation, touch hunger, or skin hunger. This article will discuss what touch starvation is, its potential psychological complications, and some ways to help prevent it. Some people may compare it to the desire for food during hunger.

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