Why Is Height Still a Factor When It Comes to Dating?

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Recently Allan Mott wrote about the difficulties of being short. Readers - including one taller woman - then replied with some of their own experiences, good and bad. But I never felt that I stand out too much. I have always been friends with very tall people - most of my male friends are between cm and cm 5ft 11in and 6ft 3in - and that has made me feel comfortable around tall people. Of course people have mentioned my height from time to time, but I have not been bullied for it. I was just the short guy in the class. OK, some annoying things have happened over the years - like when people want to lift you up because you are easy to lift.

We may earn commission from acquaintance on this page, but we only recommend products we adoration. Apr 17, Getty Images This is nothing against short women at all. In fact, around are loads of reasons why dating short women is appealing awesome too. But for guys who find them themselves dating taller ladies, these are the things they love most.

All product was carefully curated as a result of an Esquire editor. We can earn a commission from these links. So by all agency, gentlemen, go forth and close the eye to society's small-minded trivialities. The at the outset question most strangers ask me is How tall are you? First off: Yes, I allow.

Designed for tall women though, this agency competing with average height women. The founder, who is interviewed below, is willing to adjust the threshold. Also, assume so as to the site is for altogether of Europe and North America. Women please vote with the red side, men with the blue. Note that the interchange here is mainly tall ancestor though, so this introduces a few bias. Also, the poll demonstrates an unconstrained directional selection as a result of tall women for a advanced threshold.

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