Women who have anal sex: Pleasure or pressure? Implications for HIV prevention

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All the same, there is evidence to advise that anal intercourse is additionally widely practiced by women all the rage the US 1 — 4. Given that anal intercourse is associated with higher rates of heterosexual HIV transmission than vaginal intercourse 10 — 13 , women who engage in at risk anal intercourse with sexual partners of unknown or seropositive category may be at greater attempt for acquiring HIV than women who do not practice anal intercourse or who use armour while doing so. Additionally, Halperin 1 found that women who engaged in anal intercourse were less likely to use condoms during anal intercourse than all through vaginal intercourse. Most studies of heterosexual HIV transmission fail en route for distinguish between vaginal and anal intercourse in their assessments of coital acts, thus continuing en route for overlook anal intercourse as a potential source of HIV broadcast. This oversight may be anticipate to cultural taboos surrounding anal intercourse, including its association along with homosexuality and its perceived be deficient in of hygiene 1. A add up to of researchers have already barbed to the need for increased attention to anal intercourse at the same time as an understudied source of HIV transmission from seropositive men en route for their seronegative female partners 1 , 3 , 6 , A topic that has received even scarcer attention is the circumstances under which women engage in anal intercourse.

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