Tiny Love Stories: ‘I Chased Her Shamelessly’

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Five seasons later, where the series transitioned from scrappy murder-mystery comedy to poignant satire with global implications, she finds herself face-to-face with a wall full of missing persons. Depending on your interpretation, Search Party can be a loopy portrait of millennial aimlessness or a study in world-threatening egotism. Season 5 reaches a thoughtful climax while relieving itself of the groundedness that defined other millennial-oriented hits like Girls, Insecure, Love, Please Like Me, and Shrill in favor of an abjectly surreal conclusion. Now that the final season has premiered on HBO MaxThrillist talked to Bliss and Rogers about the cult leaders who inspired Dory's transformation, how they pulled off the Walking Dead-lite conclusion, and what the final scene might mean. HBO Max Thrillist: I imagine that when you guys first started the show, the idea of a cult leader who spawns a zombie apocalypse was not on your mind. Sarah-Violet Bliss: No, it wasn't. Charles Rogers: I wonder what it would be like to literally go back in time and show us that ending and how we would process it. Bliss: Someone tweeted something along the lines of If you've never watched Search Party, I dare you to watch the first episode and the last episode and try to figure out how it got there.

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