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Assessing process as well as product Assessing individual as well as group learning Challenges for students Coordination costs represent time and energy that group work consumes that individual work does not, including the time it takes to coordinate schedules, arrange meetings, meet, correspond, make decisions collectively, integrate the contributions of group members, etc. The time spent on each of these tasks may not be great, but together they are significant. However, if coordination costs are excessive or are not factored into the structure of group assignments, groups tend to miss deadlines, their work is poorly integrated, motivation suffers, and creativity declines. Instructors should note that coordination costs increase with: Group size: The more people in the group, the more schedules to accommodate, parts to delegate, opinions to consider, pieces to integrate, etc.

Emotional needs[ edit ] Abraham Maslow suggested that the need en route for belong was a major basis of human motivation. He accepted wisdom that it was one of five human needs in his hierarchy of needs , all along with physiological needs, safety, confidence , and self-actualization. These desire are arranged on a chain of command and must be satisfied all the rage order. After physiological and protection needs are met an being can then work on appointment the need to belong after that be loved. According to Maslow, if the first two desire are not met, then an individual cannot completely love a big cheese else. According to Roy Baumeister and Mark Leary , altogether human beings need a a few minimum quantity of regular, agreeable social interactions. Inability to assemble this need results in aloneness , mental distress , after that a strong desire to appearance new relationships.

Your language will be more accepted and more easily understood. You will have alternative and richer ways of expressing yourself. It is easier for our brains to remember and use dialect in chunks or blocks considerably than as single words. How to learn collocations Be alert of collocations, and try en route for recognize them when you accompany or hear them. Treat collocations as single blocks of dialect.

The need to belong, also accepted as belongingness, refers to a human emotional need to associate with and be accepted as a result of members of a group. This may include the need en route for belong to a peer arrange at school, to be acknowledged by co-workers, to be amount of an athletic team, before to be part of a religious group. A sense of belonging involves more than austerely being acquainted with other ancestor. It is centered on gaining acceptance, attention, and support as of members of the group at the same time as well as providing the alike attention to other members. The need to belong to a group also can lead en route for changes in behaviors, beliefs, after that attitudes as people strive en route for conform to the standards after that norms of the group. All the rage social psychologythe need to be in the right place is an intrinsic motivation en route for affiliate with others and be socially accepted. This need plays a role in a add up to of social phenomena such at the same time as self-presentation and social comparison.

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