How Ronnie Spector and 'Be My Baby' became a pop-culture sound of sex in 1987

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January 12, By Molly Odintz When I recommend historical fiction to people, I always feel a bit like Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny talking about being raised in the autoshop: my sister reads historical fiction, my historian father reads historical fiction, my medievalist mother read tons of historical fiction, and also, I know historical fiction very very well. It is in this spirit that I bring to you a list of historical mysteries coming out in that I think you, dear reader, as someone who also enjoys historical mysteries, will enjoy. Feiwel and Friends, January 25 Setting: Joseon, Korea, June Hur is a rising star in the world of YA historical thrillers, seamlessly integrating intrigue, romance, and rich detail. She finds a husband she feels will elevate her status and protect her mother from persecution, but strange happenings at her new estate and rumors of hauntings threaten to derail her new life, and a sexy local priest who moonlights as a witch is her only hope of survival. Lush, beautiful, and completely deserving of the comparisons to Rebecca, The Hacienda is essential reading in the gothic revival.

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