Abraham Lincoln

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In another place he wrote some solemn reflections on the value of time: Time, what an empty vapor 'tis, And days, how swift they are! Swift as an Indian arrow— Fly on like a shooting star. The present moment, just, is here, Then slides away in haste, That we can never say they're ours, But only say they're past. In the book of a boy named Richardson, he wrote this prophetic couplet: Good boys who to their books apply Will all be great men by and by. We had very little wheat flour. The nearest mill was eighteen miles.

She kept her curtains drawn, by no means went outside, never received visitors. Neighborhood children pointed up by her window and hurried ancient, frightened by the crazy female in the upstairs room. Forty years before, she had been married in the parlor of this same house to a tall, awkward lawyer, and allay wore his ring, inscribed along with the words Love is ceaseless. They reached the White Abode as partners. But the Civic War that tore the countryside apart, divided them as able-bodied.

Animation on the circuit was a gay one. The history of the life of Abraham Lincoln should be analyzed and separated, for the purposes of concern, into five several epochs, at the same time as follows, viz. Second -- So as to part which began about April 1st,when he stood in abut of the court house, all the rage Decatur, Illinois, by the area of four yoke of bony oxen, and a rude articulated vehicle, in which was contained altogether the property that Lincoln after that his father owned, in the world. Third -- That bite which commenced about March 15,when he rode from New Salem to Springfield on a hired horse, and having as his sole property in the cosmos a pair of old saddle-bags, containing two or three act books and a few pieces of nondescript clothing, and along with about seven dollars in his pocket; and being kindly offered the use of one-half of a bed, in a area over Speed's store, put his few goods there, and advent down, said, Well, I'm moved. Fifth -- Finally, that bite which commenced with taking the Inauguration Oath, and ended along with his life.

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