The Best Women’s Underwear on Amazon According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Personally, I've celebrated with both sticky, basement college hangs and quiet nights in with my family, and all of it has lead to the same old mix of good and bad. Still, there is one superstition I'll keep in mind while welcoming the color of my underwearwhich is said to determine the type of luck a person will have for the next 12 months. For the most part, it's just a fun little game, but many countries actually do have long-held traditions of associating underwear color with luck. It's also a great reminder that you don't actually know what a new year might bring, or the positive experiences you may have. By the time next year's Dec. Right now, my life feels drastically different from the end ofand it definitely felt different from the end of Even astrologers agree that different colors contain different types of energy.

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