How can children manage an unpredictable school schedule?

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Predicting Q4 of an Unpredictable Year By: Lauren Ramaska, Managing Partner July 17th, As we mark the halfway point of a year none will soon forget, we find ourselves working with clients to navigate unprecedented times and forecast the media landscape to come. Lacking a crystal ball, predicting the future feels all but impossible today. Over the last few months, states have vacillated between quarantine restrictions and phased reopenings. Some markets have progressed, while others have reinstated restrictions. Amidst a global pandemic, the country is contending with longstanding issues of inequality and racism, resulting in riots and demonstrations in cities across our country. The culmination of recent events with a heated political climate and presidential race has led to a deluge of uncertainty, shaken consumer confidence, and a complex media landscape. Few brands are immune to the turbulence.

How can children manage an arbitrary school schedule? Lyndsey Frey - Writer October 8, School districts are scrambling to get students back in the classroom all the rage an attempt to get ago to as much normalcy at the same time as possible amidst an ongoing bubonic plague. What that looks like by each district, however, is altered. Some districts are sending kids two days a week, although others are bringing kids arrange campus every other week. Although as cases fluctuate within communities, school districts are being affected to constantly adapt accordingly. Accordingly how can we as parents help our children plan designed for and manage an unpredictable discipline schedule? How can we advantage our kids remain calm, adhere to anxiety low and get controlled for school in these ambiguous times? Katrina recommends parents adjust a schedule for each calendar day that includes a set wakeup time, chores, school activities, beyond time and more. Sleep is the keystone for academic accomplishment.

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