How did the choice of ‘Jeopardy!’ host become so controversial? Here’s what went wrong

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The late Jeopardy host Alex Trebek left a difficult role to fill. CBS Media Ventures In the end, former Jeopardy executive producer Mike Richards was the face of the legendary quiz show for approximately one day — and his brush with fame ultimately led to his complete downfall. After a year of guest hosts, some of whom were backdoor-auditioning for the job of permanent host after the death of Alex Trebek last November, Richards sparked confusion and backlash when news broke on August 11 that he would be stepping up to take the gig. That ambition may have led him to pursue the chance to host Jeopardy once the opportunity presented itself. Very quickly, Richards looked unfit to continue the legacy of Jeopardy.

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Bring up to date, August Mike Richards has stepped down as the host of Jeopardy! At the time, Jennings was nearly a decade apart from the game Jeopardy! Richards, meanwhile, was backstage at The Price Is Right, the act he had joined as a co—executive producer five years earlier, and where that May he had launched a podcast called The Randumb Show, which was promoted to listeners as a look behind the scenes by Price. Before he called Jennings to record a segment arrange the podcast, Richards put a question to his cohost. At once, though, Richards has gotten arrange Jeopardy!

Afterwards a months-long stretch of gyratory guest hosts pitched as a kind of open call en route for replace the late Alex Trebek , many questioned the assessment by Sony Pictures Television, which produces the syndicated series, en route for tap an internal candidate above a number of higher-profile celebrities. Richards was dismissed as a defendant in one of the suits; another suit was dismissed altogether; and the third was settled out of court. Fans and even casual viewers of such a long-running, truly adore television institution were bound en route for have both considered opinions after that gut reactions about whoever was named — this double-hosting answer does seem designed to allay a blow — regarding this as some sort of self-appointment that completely ignored the addressee as well as a missed opportunity to significantly change the face of the show although placing it in the hands of someone lovable who evidently loved it. I am blissful that Bialik is involved.

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