15 Celebrities You Didn't Know Could Speak French

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So, surely, have most Americans of my generation, hearing it as we all did over and over again for years in the same television commercial. Frequently aired and never once updated, it advertised a series of language-instruction cartoons on videotape. He spends two months in the French countryside mistreated by a couple of crooked vintners who, in a plot point ripped from the headlines of the era, spike their product with antifreeze. Sufficient exposure to the sounds of French, I also gathered, might lead to fluency by osmosis. From what we now call the Anglosphere came little but derision.

Not only are they great actors on screen, they are actual talented in other walks of life as well. Here are our favourite celebrities that address french. Their french accents bidding make you fall in adoration with them. In celebration of Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality, we've curated a list of 15 celebrities who speak the dialect of love. Prendre plaisir! France is one of our favorite places to play tourist!

Fifteen thousand users on the dialect app Babbel voted it sexiest in the world. Ding chime ding! We have a winner! French is so breathy, it sounds like whispering one of the many grievances Americans allow with the French. The breathiness comes the forming of sounds at the front of the mouth and the frequency of vowels in the language. Vowel count is often debated, although according to Wikipedia , French has 13 oral vowels after that four nasal vowels, plus three semivowels and three glides, totaling American English has As a vowel-filled language, it makes sense that French is so breathy, and therefore sexy.

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