The Best Things To Do In Penticton BC

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This family run operation allows you to pay as you go for each activity or you can opt for a one time do it all pass that has no expiry and can be used by multiple people. We ended up buying two cards for the kids and bought separate go kart, mini golf and bumper boats passes for ourselves. They also have a blow up American Ninja style course for the kids and trampolines complete with harnesses for safe back flips. The Loco Landing Adventure Park started in Penticton over 10 years ago as a family run park and every year they add another activity. To be honest, the place just keeps getting better year after year and the kids had a blast.

The experience was nothing short of phenomenal—the rides, the people, the food and wine, the first rate attention to every detail, the wine. My favorite day was a jaunt up the Col du Galibier, made famous as a result of Le Tour the asphalt decorated messages—Allez Alberto! The ride was breathtaking in every sense of the word, and a container list climb for any cycling fan. We pedaled in completely dark darkness through multiple tunnels after that into sunny stretches of snaking road angled toward the atmosphere. At the top, we were rewarded with Coke from beaker bottles from the tiny community store and a bucolic area with church steeples and grazing farm animals. And rain.

All the rage short — Ironman Canada is going away next year. It sounds like a bit of a political pissing match after that mismanagement between the former battle owner, WTC and the city. At the end of the day — this is a sad ending to an emblem of a race in the Ironman world. A great battle likely.

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