17 Best Dating Sites for Older Adults Looking for Love

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I was very, very pleasantly surprised by the level of care and intentionality that clearly went into it. I'm genuinely impressed by what Jonathan and Kathleen, the app's creators, have produced. I'm impressed by the video introductions they give, that they personally review every application to join, the type of questions they ask for your profile, the constant support and attention they offer, and even by the way they market the app. Clearly, they have an earnest commitment to their mission to create an app that fosters Christ-centered relationships and communities. I love this app and I want it to succeed. It's not perfect--there are a few features I wish it had, its user base is still relatively small, at least in my area--but I respect its creators, I think it's the best Christian dating app right now, and it has a lot of potential. If it continues to grow, I think this could easily become the top dating app for Christians like me. Jonathan and Kathleen deserve your support.

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