5 strategies for finding - and keeping - female talent

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Explore the latest strategic trends, research and analysis Today is International Women's Day, a day to celebrate the many social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. But how do we keep the momentum going beyond today, and bring about real change in the way women work, are hired and progress in their careers? A new report explores just that question. Winning the Fight for Talent examines gender-inclusive recruitment around the world. From rapid technological advances to demographic shifts, megatrends around the world are driving a greater urgency into reassessing existing recruitment practices. Organizations need to be more innovative, they need to be stronger magnets for the right leaders, and they need to build brands and cultures that are inclusive and engage with consumers and stakeholders.

Not only that. We also bring into being that women were leaving the firm at a significantly better rate than men. We alleged that women were leaving en route for have children and stay abode. In fact, most senior partners firmly believed we were accomplishment everything possible to retain women. We prided ourselves on our open, collegial, performance-based work atmosphere.

Advance 4, Women in Talent: 13 Outspoken Experts on What Appealing Looks Like It's and along with an avalanche of headlines hitting the HR circuit, you capacity think today's working women are finally getting the respect they deserve. It seems that about overnight, even the most impenetrable companies were called to come back with concerns over MeToo most a moment ago, via shareholder votes. For altogether intents and purposes, it seems like things are finally looking up for the ladies. Although we wanted to know, a minute ago how far have we appear, what does the future actually look like—and more specifically… What's the role of women all the rage talent moving forward? We reached out to leading experts all the rage the HR, recruitment and ancestor ops community for answers. Here's what they had to about. But for Minnie, the argue for equality isn't about abrasion.

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