I'm Straight but I Fantasize About Lesbian Sex. Is That Normal?

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Image source, Thinkstock Image caption, The new study concluded that no woman is totally straight and that women's sexualities are more complex than men's Gay women tend to be exclusively sexually attracted to women, while straight women are more likely to be aroused by both sexes, a study says. Researchers asked women about their sexual preferences and compared these with their arousal levels when shown videos of attractive men and women. The University of Essex study concluded that no woman is totally straight. Study findings 'amazing' The new study, led by Dr Gerulf Rieger from the University of Essex and published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychologymeasured the arousal of women using eye tracking devices and direct measures of physiological sexual response.

Individual Boise State University study bring into being that over half of above-board women were attracted to erstwhile women, lesbian is the call women most commonly search designed for on Pornhub , and a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology bring into being that most women physically responded to videos of both bare men and women. So why is this so common, after that what does having another women in your sex fantasies about about you? The short answer: Whatever you want it en route for. Don't feel like you allow to question your sexual compass reading solely based on what gets you off. Sometimes fantasizing a propos something we know we wouldn't do in real life is exactly what makes the caprice so hot. Kat Van Kirk , a licensed marriage after that family therapist, certified sex analyst, and Adam and Eve 's resident relationship and sex authority. Also, if you begin affection compelled to see what it's like. A third of women have hooked up with erstwhile women, according to an Adam and Eve survey, even all the same only about seven percent of American women identify as lesbian or bisexual.

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