I’ve stopped seeing a married man. Was I unfair to end it?

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Divorced white female looking to have fun give a respect Here's What Women Want in a Man According to Experts Carly Snyder, MD is a reproductive and perinatal psychiatrist who combines traditional psychiatry with integrative medicine-based treatments. Some people want to see where the relationship goes, while others enter a relationship with the sole purpose of making a trip to the altar. Still others have no intention of ever getting married. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, you need to be upfront and honest about your intentions, especially if your partner shows signs of wanting to get married and you have no desire to ever tie the knot. During the dating phase of a relationship, you get to see all aspects of the other person's personality. For people who are not ready to get married or make a long-term commitment, this eagerness may be a turnoff. For those who are looking for a lifelong mate, a high interest in marriage could be encouraging. Regardless of your intentions, marriage is not something you should ever rush into.

Was I unfair to end it? Five years ago, I got involved with a married be in charge of with two kids. The affiliation was intense, hyper-sexual and compulsive. I felt uneasy and tried to end it many times, but was always easily persuaded otherwise by him. He started living separately from his companion two years back and around was terrible heartache with the children going back and forward. I was getting unhappier, add neurotic, and not in be in charge of of my see-saw emotions. After that the pandemic brought immense damage.

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