Naked and Afraid of Love

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No food, no cell phone, no nothing. Then imagine doing it naked. The Gist: In Naked And Afraid Of Love, 16 single people are dropped in the middle of nowhere — conveniently by a beach, of course — in male-female pairs. Each pair spends their first day figuring out how to build a fire and finish a shelter that is partially constructed for them. During the second or third day, however, much of the chemistry wears off when hunger and other discomforts set in. At that point, the couples start finding each other, and new attractions are built. But how long will any of these couples last? VH1 had a show called Dating Naked on from that we admittedly watched far too much of when it aired.

I would give this zero stars if I could! This analysis is for the first affair of Naked and Afraid of Love season one. My babe and I couldn't even accomplish it through the first half hour of this without exit it off. So you be able to just imagine how excited we were when this show was first announced. We were actually looking forward to having a different Naked and Afraid show en route for watch. The creators need en route for trash this and start above. This is a disgrace after that a slap in the accept to the people who allow done the challenges on the other Naked and Afraid shows. The participants in this act have little to no continued existence skills and are given a how-to survival book. I adolescent you not, they are agreed a survival guide with pictures in it!!!!

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