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Chris F. Details Hi Everyone - as many of you know Chris will be in London for a while. He thought it would be nice to arrange a regular social meetup for all of us still in Copenhagen. Here you can meet the others, find fellow adventurers to join your activities and plan trips etc etc. While Chris is away, there will be no regular host for this get-together which will be arranged for the second Friday of each month - we can see how it goes and change it if this turns out to be a bad day - so let me know what you think. If there is only 5 of you and you all turn up a t different times - those people looking for a group will only see a guy with no mates :- and go home again. Anyway - there are nearly members now - so I would hope that some more of you are adventurous enough to get out there and meet some others - unless, of course you are all on the North Face of The Eiger or busy doing the Cresta Run on a toilet seat! Have fun.

These insights will make your blissful hours even happier. That body said, we have to bear in mind that a vaccine rollout is a long process and in-person social gatherings are still a risk. Throughout this socially aloof era, a great option designed for risk-free community gathering has been to host a happy hour on Zoom. However, after all but a year filled with effective alternatives, some online events allow lost a bit of their luster. But you can adjust that. By learning from the expertise of successful organizers, you can keep your events well-attended, engaging, and occurring often.

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