Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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It just sort of romps all over them. Cyndi Lauper is singing words placed in her mouth by a man, but she trounces the lyrics, so much so that while the record was on the charts, writer Robert Hazard actually complained that she took too much credit for his song. In fact, the song's most important lyrics, in which Cyndi declares that she wants to be the one to walk in the sun, are lines she wrote herself, thereby transforming a rather sexist ditty summarized by Exude's parody, Boys Just Want to Have Sex into protofeminism. But then again, it's the singer, not the song. If Girls had been planned as an anthem, it might have proved as noxious as I Am Woman.

Nov 30, by Coach Corey Wayne Love is fun and bouncy. One of the biggest mistakes men make with women they want to attract, is they get all serious when they meet a girl they akin to. They try to do also much too soon. Men acquire in their heads and acquire lost in the details of what could be, instead of living in the moment after that just having fun. Girls a minute ago want to have fun. They want to act dorky after that silly and stupid when they feel like it, and additionally be serious and focused after it comes to working before taking care of things so as to need to be taken anxiety of. They want to act and have fun when their work is done. Feminine force is about opening up after that receiving love.

This is one of those songs that had permeated popular background to such an extent so as to it was almost impossible not to know it. The reasons for this are multi-faceted. The track is also one of the archetypical celebratory anthems of feminism, and few songs dealt with the topic so arrogantly. Even the subtle name-change — which does, in fairness, act for the way the title sounds — feels like it removes a sense of defiant aim from the track.

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