Oregon dad claims ‘Let’s go Brandon’ during NORAD call was a joke

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Let's go us. In the interview, Brown said that he is a Republican. He wrote that the anti-Biden euphemism has a similar tone to the word SNAFUwhich stands for Situation Normal — All Fucked Up, or to the word cuckservatives a portmanteau of cuckold and conservatives which is used by some conservatives to describe other conservatives perceived as being in fact liberals. McWhorter described the Let's Go Brandon phenomenon as simply fascinating, and a wild, woolly kink in the intersection of language, politics, wit, and creativity. She found this slogan embarrassing, as it does not make sense for Biden supporters to replace his name with someone else.

Florida Rep. Bill Posey ended a speech on the House baffle late last month with the phrase. South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan wore a mask arrange the House floor emblazoned along with it as well. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has said it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

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