Mental Models: The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions : ~100 Models Explained

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A thing can always be done better not only the second time but each succeeding time by trying. This everybody knows. But how many know that the pattern of improvement can be sufficiently regular to be predictive? How many realize that such patterns can characterize, not only individual performance, but also the composite performance of many individuals organized to accomplish a common task? The industrial learning curve quantifies such performance. It has evolved from experience in airframe manufacture, which found that the number of man-hours spent in building a plane declined at a regular rate over a wide range of production. Such continuing improvement was so common in the aircraft industry that it became the normal expectation in the war time mass production of aircraft; thus, production and other types of performance were customarily scheduled on some basis of progressive betterment.

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Yerkes and Dodson formed their assumption while performing experiments on mice. But as the shocks got stronger, the mice took longer to learn the task, perhaps because they were more focused on avoiding the shock than on completing the task. Yerkes and Dodson hypothesized that at the same time as arousal increases, the ability en route for form a habit or achieve a task well also increases. It gives you sufficient drive. But that works only ahead to a certain point, accepted as the optimal level.

Cerebral models are how we absorb the world. Not only accomplish they shape what we assume and how we understand although they shape the connections after that opportunities that we see. Cerebral models are how we abridge complexity, why we consider a few things more relevant than others, and how we reason. A mental model is simply a representation of how something facility. We cannot keep all of the details of the earth in our brains, so we use models to simplify the complex into understandable and organizable chunks. Learning to Think Advance The quality of our accepted wisdom is proportional to the models in our head and their usefulness in the situation by hand. The more models you have—the bigger your toolbox—the add likely you are to allow the right models to accompany reality.

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