Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

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A seductive voice, one that wants to take a strong bite of life. But mostly it is a declaration of love from a daughter who cannot forget her mother. An original tale of loss that alternates vitality and grief, making them coincide, also in style: in the natural flow, without interruption, from the third person narrator to the first: you, mother. When I was twenty, I could imagine myself at thirty, living with the love of my life and a bunch of kids. Even at eighty, as an old bag drinking whisky with my girlfriends. But I never imagined myself at forty, not at fifty either. And yet here I am. I have no idea how I got here, how I got to this town that suddenly makes me want to puke. A huge crowd of people, and yet some of the important ones are missing.

As of the island of Jamaica, he issued a letter analyzing the current and future perspectives of the independence struggle. My beloved Sir: I hasten to answer to the letter of the 29th ultimo which you had the honor of sending me and which I received along with the greatest satisfaction. Thus, I find myself in conflict amid the desire to reciprocate your confidence, which honors me, after that the difficulty of rewarding it, for lack of documents after that books and because of my own limited knowledge of a land so vast, so assort, and so little known at the same time as the New World. In my opinion it is impossible en route for answer the questions that you have so kindly posed [. Accordingly, only conjectures that are more or less approximate be able to be made, especially with affection to her future and the true plans of the Americans, inasmuch as our continent has within it potentialities for all facet of development revealed all the rage the history of nations, as a result of reason of its physical characteristics and because of the hazards of war and the uncertainties of politics. As I air obligated to give due concern to your esteemed letter after that to the philanthropic intentions prompting it, I am impelled en route for write you these words, in which you will certainly not achieve the brilliant thoughts you ask for but rather a candid account of my ideas. Modern critics would never credit them were it not for the a lot of and frequent documents testifying en route for these horrible truths.

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