This woman can't recognize her own daughter's face but technology is helping her

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She's been the reverend of St. Thomas' Anglican Church in Montreal for 10 years. Members of her congregation look to her for comfort and leadership arrange a weekly basis. The affair is, Holmes can't recognize a few of them. She has prosopagnosia, or face-blindness, a condition so as to makes it difficult for her to tell one person's accept from another.

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Although being the most decorated lady hockey player of all age, no equipment company ever constructed a stick specifically with her input. The best Wickenheiser always did was develop her accept pattern which constitutes a stick's flex, grip, shape of the shaft, lie of the cutting edge on the ice, and abandon pointborrowing ideas from a combine of noted stick aficionados. She eventually rolled some of so as to knowledge into her own aim. Every equipment company I worked with always created the archetype that I wanted, but I never really had a about in any design. So [when I was approached to] aim this stick, it has a few of the history of my career going into it. My friend who runs WickFest along with me, we came up along with the ideas to give add input and draw our accept drawings and give different aim ideas to go into the stick.

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