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Jacksonville and surrounding areas has a lot of hidden gems and history, as well as several family-friendly places with delicious food — that go beyond your usual trip to the beach or the popular Jacksonville Zoo. Here are a few to check out with visitors, friends in town, or even on your own! A quick stroll from the Riverside Arts Market, the Cummer is a small but well-curated art museum. Johns River. Grab a snack in the cafe on your way out. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park: This one is for the Florida visitor who really, really wants to see an alligator. The bravest of them could even zip line over crocodiles. Your kids will enjoy seeing the animals, although you may spend the rest of the day convincing the grandparents that there is definitely not a six-foot alligator ready to eat their grandchild lurking in your neighborhood retention pond. Augustine: This can easily be a full day of exploration!

A small amount did I know, this action would change my world — and for the better. Trying to get on out arrange my own, on my accept two feet and establish for my part in Jacksonville. I delivered appliances and could travel anywhere as of Brunswick to St. Augustine after that as far out as Lagoon City and Live Oak. Aware I would be canvasing a good portion of Northeastern Florida, I figured I would allocate my hand at some dating sites. I had been arrange several including Christian Mingle, Agree with. I was new to the area and looking for a big cheese who could show me about the town and get en route for know it. I was not prepared for what happen after that.

Jaguars Fan Guide Jacksonville Jaguars - jaguars. Raffle tickets are accessible for purchase online starting the Thursday prior to game calendar day from anywhere in the affirm of Florida. The remaining quantity will be donated to a local charity designated by the Jaguars Foundation. The winning label number will be announced all through the fourth quarter on the video boards.

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