Jane the Virgin: never has a TV show been so wonderfully bonkers and yet so genuinely moving

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Barrage team TV streaming Jane the Virgin: never has a Box show been so wonderfully barmy and yet so genuinely affecting Based on a Venezuelan telenovela, this soap opera-style romcom anchors its zaniness in deep appeal authenticity while laughing with its genre, never at it Jane the Virgin is streaming all the rage Australia on Stan. Or, en route for be more precise, a Latin American telenovela. In fact, the show, set in Miami after that revolving around a bilingual domestic of three generations of women, is a telenovela loosely based on the Venezuelan Juana La Virgendoubling as a loving lampoon. The opening scenes of the show set up the craziness to come when the in name only Jane a brilliant, multilayered, breakout star performance by Gina Rodriguez — who has been devotedly saving herself for marriage — is accidentally artificially inseminated by a routine gynaecology appointment.

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