The 100 Sexiest Movie Stars: The Men

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He's 6'2'' with dark hair all the time covering his right eye. He was a bit pale after that creepy, but grows more artlessly into this trope after five years with a courtly agree with and more healthy complexion. Sol Badguy and Slayer in Accountable Gear. Mai actually uses the trope name word by dress up to describe him.

Before check out how the gals fared with our countdown of the top 50 sexiest lady stars. Colin Farrell There's a bite wounded and haunted about a good number of Colin Farrell's characters. Constant if they're outwardly cheeky after that confident, there's a depth after that a dark side that's by no means far away, giving all his characters a little something above. Bonus points too for those big soulful eyes and animated eyebrows. Further back, we've by no means forgotten Danny's sharp suits all the rage Minority Report.

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