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OCHA is the part of the United Nations Secretariat responsible for bringing together humanitarian actors to ensure a coherent response to emergencies. OCHA also ensures there is a framework within which each actor can contribute to the overall response efforts. OCHA's mission is to mobilize and coordinate effective and principled humanitarian action in partnership with national and international actors in order to alleviate human suffering in disasters and emergencies; advocate the rights of people in need; promote preparedness and prevention and facilitate sustainable solutions. Ability to identify issues, formulate opinions, make conclusions and recommendations. Shows pride in work and in achievements; demonstrates professional competence and mastery of subject matter; is conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results; is motivated by professional rather than personal concerns; shows persistence when faced with difficult problems or challenges; remains calm in stressful situations.

Responsibilities Within delegated authority, the Being Rights Officer will be accountable for the following duties : - Serves as Secretary of the Committee Against Torture. Acquaintance of institutional mandates of being rights organizations, prevailing policies after that procedures. Ability to evaluate after that integrate information from a array of sources and assess bang on the human rights circumstance in the region or countryside of assignment, including the biased and economic environments and above-board statutes as they pertain en route for human rights. Ability to absolute in-depth studies and reach conclusions on possible causes and solutions to human rights problems all the rage specific societies and systems. Aptitude to relate to human rights issues and perspectives, including their gender equality dimensions, to biased, social, economic and humanitarian programmes in affected countries and areas.

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