Sex Life Becomes More Satisfying for Women After 40

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Why women tend to avoid sex as they age Written by Ana Sandoiu on October 15, — Fact checked by Jasmin Collier New research investigates the reasons behind why aging women tend to lose interest in sex after going through menopause. GSM is the collective name for the range of vaginal and urinary tract issues affecting women who are either going through menopause or who are postmenopausal. Common GSM symptoms include bladder control problems and pain during sex, or dyspareuniawhich tends to occurs because the vaginal walls become thinner with age. The women were predominantly white, and nearly half 48 percent of them reported not having had any sexual activity in the 6 months leading up to the study. The women were approached within 2 weeks after they had visited their primary care physician or gynecologistand the researchers selected the participants using electronic health records. However, in addition to these, the respondents reported several medical reasons. Also, 7 percent of these women said that they experienced urine leakage during intercourse.

The frequency, purpose, feeling, all of it. But when should it stop? There are no arduous and fast rules about after women should stop having femininity, because every person is altered. As we get older, we experience more stress and basic relief more than ever. Able-bodied, studies have shown that femininity relieves stress!

Designed for some, that heightened satisfaction comes from having great sex; designed for others, it stems from the fact that while their sexual activity has decreased, so has their desire, the survey showed. The researchers surveyed a arrange of women between ages 40 and , with a average age of Half of the responders said they were sexually active, and most of those women said they were able to become aroused, argue lubrication and achieve orgasm all through sex, even after the become old of Moreover, among sexually active women, those who were below age 55 or beyond 80 were the most apt to report satisfaction with their ability to achieve orgasms. The number of women who weren't sexually active but still expressed satisfaction surprised her as able-bodied. The study was published all the rage the January issue of the American Journal of Medicine.

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Can you repeat that? Can I Do? Many ancestor want and need to be close to others as they grow older. For some, this includes the desire to carry on an active, satisfying sex animation. With aging, that may aim adapting sexual activity to acclimatize physical, health, and other changes. There are many different behaviour to have sex and be intimate—alone or with a affiliate. The expression of your sexuality could include many types of touch or stimulation.

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