Little Sands monastic academy holding open house today

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In fact, enough butter to bake thousands of biscuits. But instead of biscuits, the butter is turned into amazing works of art that will be on public display for the very first time today when the monastic academy opens its doors to the public. The Buddhists, who arrived on the Island about seven years ago, have expanded to the Little Sands site where about a dozen buildings act as living quarters, administration and study and prayer halls. The monastery is four kilometres east of the Wood Islands ferry terminal on the Shore Road and the road is clear from drifts. Shoes are removed to walk into the giant space where monks worship and supplicate before the gold-plated shrine. There are plenty of windows for natural light and a wood floor with prayer kneels are everywhere to accommodate hundreds of monks. There are flowers, gongs and beads throughout, and the faint scent of incense fills the quiet and orderly room. One of the most favoured displays is the work of the young monks who begin training as early as 11 or

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