Geoffrey Marsh on Shakespeare's Neighbors

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Most biographers try the direct route. But what if there was another way? What if you tried to understand Shakespeare by looking at the people all around him? Geoffrey Marsh is an historian of the City of London. These two areas of specialty serve him well in a new exercise designed to get to know not Shakespeare himself, but the people around him. Geoff has a new book called Living with Shakespeare. There is documentary evidence that suggests strongly that Shakespeare lived in a house in St. Helens during an early part of his career. While this approach may or may not bring us closer to the life of William Shakespeare, it does bring us some remarkable characters and the world they—and likely Shakespeare—once inhabited.

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Books Turbulent poet and femme fatale Absurd claims have been made for Pushkin's intellectual and decent pre-eminence, but Catriona Kelly is impressed by TJ Binyon's able study of the Russian poet's life Catriona Kelly Sat 5 Oct Myth-making, in Pushkin's case, was of a altered order, making this brilliant although troubled writer into a basin for national supremacy. Celebration reached its peak at times after Russia's geopolitical ambitions were strongest - as in the anniversary years of , , after that Inspired by the current hysteria, otherwise reputable scholars made absurd claims for Pushkin's academic, moral, and even social pre-eminence: one Soviet Pushkinist asserted all the rage all seriousness that the author knew 14 languages, while a different believed his African great-grandfather Abram Hannibal to be a absolute descendant of the Carthaginian all-purpose. TJ Binyon's new biography of Pushkin proclaims that its ambition is to free the byzantine and interesting figure of Pushkin the man from the brave simplicity of Pushkin the allegory. As a de-mythologiser, Binyon is well qualified on several counts. Binyon's method lies at the opposite extreme from euphemistic avoidance or sententious aphorism. His charge works by accretion. Material as of Pushkin's own writings and as of the letters and memoirs of his contemporaries is carefully pieced together in strict linear arrangement.

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