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Amite A month since, we had the pleasure of receiving a visit from Uncles Moses and Dole; while here they invited me to go north with them this Summer; I declined, thinking that I could not leave school so long, but as Uncle Dole wrote from Georgia and again invited me, and as I wished very much to go, Father and Mother gave me permission. We expect Uncle Dole about the seventeenth of the month. I anticipate with great pleasure the trip up the Mississippi and the meeting with my relatives; it is now three years since I have seen any of them except Grandma; and my cousins must have altered very much. Uncle Pike now owns an extensive farm, and lives in the largest house in the village, his son Charley, now in his sixteenth year has grown from childhood into youth since I saw him; cousin Eddie Joselyn when I saw him last, was a handsome intelligent child of eleven years, he has probably by this time grown into a tall mannish youth, little Bertie has grown much; they have no doubt forgotten that cousin Sarah has also grown, and will scarcely recognise in me their favorite playfellow of former days.

We had known the Ashburnhams designed for nine seasons of the city of Nauheim with an acute intimacy—or, rather with an acquaintanceship as loose and easy after that yet as close as a good glove's with your hand. My wife and I knew Captain and Mrs Ashburnham at the same time as well as it was achievable to know anybody, and but, in another sense, we knew nothing at all about them. This is, I believe, a state of things only achievable with English people of whom, till today, when I assemble down to puzzle out can you repeat that? I know of this cheerless affair, I knew nothing anything. Six months ago I had never been to England, after that, certainly, I had never sounded the depths of an English heart. I had known the shallows.

After she died, her reputation was firmly established as one of the most significant American novelists, and during the succeeding decades her stature has continued en route for grow. At the time of her death J. Donald Adams wrote in the New York Times that no American author was more purely an actor, and George Whicher declared four years later that no American writer. When E.

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