How Edward Snowden went from loyal NSA contractor to whistleblower

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Litt, thank you for appearing before us today, especially on short notice. People at the NSA in particular have heard a constant public drumbeat about a laundry list of nefarious things they are alleged to be doing to spy on Americans, all of them wrong; the misperceptions have been great, yet they keep their heads down and keep working every day to keep us safe. And General Alexander, please convey our thanks to your team for continuing every day, despite much misinformation about the quality of their work, and thank them for all of us for continuing to work to protect America. I also want to take this moment to thank General Alexander, who has been extended as national security adviser in one way or another three different times. This is a very difficult job at a very difficult time in our history. And for the general to accept those extensions of his military service to protect this nation, I think with all of the, again, misinformation out there, I want to thank you for that.

Snowden disclosed that the agency was gathering phone records of millions of Americans. Inglis retires Friday. Before stepping down, he talked to Morning Edition co-host Steve Inskeep about running a be involved in espionage agency in a democracy. Beneath is a transcript of the unedited audio of their banter. We walked, this week, addicted to a vast building covered all the rage reflective glass, the headquarters of the National Security Agency. We met there with John C. Inglis was in his absolute week at the NSA. The accusations of misbehavior, which allow not been borne out.

Edward Snowden How Edward Snowden went from loyal NSA contractor en route for whistleblower He was politically careful, a gun owner, a bore — and the man after the biggest intelligence leak all the rage history. In this exclusive dig out from his new book, Luke Harding looks at Edward Snowden's journey from patriot to America's most wanted Click for ample picture. Image by Kyle Bean for the Guardian Click designed for full picture. He was an year-old American male with exciting IT skills and a abrupt intelligence. His real identity was unknown. It was a Saturday morning, a little after 11am. Be gentle. Here's my dilemma: I want to be my own host. What do I need?

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