Sexual Hookup Culture: A Review

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It's the world's wildest high-tech toy catalog, the Pentagon's annual Dear Santa letter. These are the black budget programs that pay for spy satellites, invent stealth cruise missiles, tinker with Ladar - laser radar - and experiment on aircraft that change color and helicopters that evade tracking systems. Covering expenditures for intelligence and weapons research, the Pentagon's black budget is the most titillating portion of the massive classification program that has swelled almost unabated since World War II. Documented - vaguely - in funding requests and authorizations voted on by select committees of the US Congress, the black budget is published with omitted dollar amounts and blacked-out passages. It hides all sorts of strange projects, not just from enemies, foreign and domestic, but from the public and elected officials as well. With program element numbers, obscured figures, and code names that read like dadaist poetry, the details of the black budget are revealed to only a few select Congressional committee members - and sometimes not even to them. There are several different types of black budgets buried, for example, within the Pentagon's procurement budget and Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation budget - the tab for the toy testers.

Litt, thank you for appearing ahead of us today, especially on abrupt notice. People at the NSA in particular have heard a constant public drumbeat about a laundry list of nefarious things they are alleged to be doing to spy on Americans, all of them wrong; the misperceptions have been great, but they keep their heads along and keep working every calendar day to keep us safe. After that General Alexander, please convey our thanks to your team designed for continuing every day, despite a good deal misinformation about the quality of their work, and thank them for all of us designed for continuing to work to care for America. Able-bodied, we have a different special guest along with us here today. Well deserved. By the same time as accustomed, I will play the appalling cop. So, first, what happened?

By the same time, the broadcast has been awash with gossip stories detailing security breaches by major retailers, health insurance companies and financial institutions. Some achieve these developments deeply troubling after that want limits put in area, while others do not air these issues affect them face-to-face. Key legal decisions about the legitimacy of surveillance or tracking programs have hinged on the question of whether Americans assume it is reasonable in a few situations to assume that they will be under observation, before if they expect that their activities will not be monitored. Perhaps such a contraction is required by national security desire in the face of the dangers of contemporary domestic after that international terrorism. But we would expect such a momentous assessment to be preceded by ample debate, and expressed in clearly identifiable language.

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