Send nudes? What guys really feel when a woman sends them a nude

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Send nudes? When a Reddit user started an AskMen thread asking, How important are naughty photos for a relationship? I am not talented and I suck at taking photos. Would not wanting to send and share naughty photos be a deal breaker or a turn off for you? Especially when getting to know a woman [and] thinking about having a serious relationship with her? There's a weird focus on sharing nudes and sexting these days that's frankly off-putting. If we want to see each other naked, let's just make a date and see what happens. It's much more fun. In fact, I kind of hate how nudes have become so ubiquitous and expected these days.

Cropped out, all I can accompany is her bare, tanned chest, her breasts spilling out of a slightly frayed black bra. And there are reams of them. As I keep scrolling, I see more and add of the same. Similar poses, different women. This is the world of nude trading.

According to a survey by MTV-AP1 in 3 young people allow engaged in some form of sexting, either sending or acceptance nude photos, with another person. The internet is forever after that there are real-life consequences designed for the things you share online. So before you press convey, here are 6 things en route for consider. Is Your Partner Body Manipulative about it?

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