12 Ways to Add Some Excitement to a Long-Term Relationship

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November 1, Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. You can spend quite a bit of money and time marketing to consumers in the hopes of landing even one sale, depending on your industry. Hero Images Getty Images The segment of your customer base who regularly buys from you could be the biggest asset your company has. By adjusting your marketing spend so that you target not only new customers but also nurture your existing audience, you could enjoy far greater profitability. Here are seven ways that you can ensure your company has a sizable share of long-term customers. They connect with the business itself, which incentivizes them to keep coming back. Hull provides software that helps businesses personalize their interactions with customers. With the right tools in place, you can gather information and put it to use in making them feel as though they have more of a one-on-one relationship with your brand. Nothing can replace the experience of interacting with a company in person.

It's like the spark has been doused by its own delicate ice bucket challenge, and the butterflies are long gone. Accidentally, there are some easy behaviour you can get them en route for flutter their way right ago into your stomach and breathe life into your relationship. Plan a alarm. You know what's more amusement than getting a surprise yourself? Creating one for someone also.

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