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And, for the record, you did read that headline correctly, and the story gets even crazier than that. According to Good News Networkit all happened back in March at a little convenience store in Southwick Massachusetts. Lea Rose Vieda had gone in and purchased a scratch ticket. She stood there, scratched her ticket off, then after realizing it wasn't a winner, handed it back to the store clerk who tossed it into a discard pile of already scratched tickets. A couple days later when the clerk was going through the pile of used tickets, he noticed that one of them hadn't been scratched all the way. Thinking that was a little strange, he decided to finish scratching it off.

Suzanne had collapsed at home afterwards having prepared her breakfast although finding herself unable to eat. By the time the ambulance got her to Emergency, she was largely immobile and had great difficulty speaking. She was obviously quite thirsty and after I asked one of the Emergency physicians to start hydrating her intravenously, he quickly arranged for that to happen. It had been clear for by least six months that Suzanne, whose cancer had metastasized en route for her skull and was bad on her brain, had entered the closing stage of her terminal illness. And yet, it was only the next break of day in Emergency that she after that I met for the at the outset time with a palliative anxiety physician — someone specifically educated to attend to the desire of the dying. That came in the evening of the next day, when I returned from an excursion home en route for feed the kids and bring into being Suzanne had been moved en route for the cancer ward. I as soon as noticed that she was denial longer being hydrated. When I asked the nurse about it, she checked the chart after that said simply that the clinic had not ordered it.

Delay, hold on. Dalai Lama: Horse milk. How the Dalai Lama embraces the fact that he's called a demon by Best china. And on that note - and again, similar to his interview with Snowden - John was subject to an Oh, Crap! John: No no denial, you can't transfer- you can't reincarnate the demon into me. Dalai Lama: Yes, yes.

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