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She paused there for a moment, considering the possibilities. A dozen New Zealand whites peered through the screened windows, their pink noses twitching and pale eyes watching the intruder, their long ears turning like radar dishes, trying to parse their immediate future: was this dinner, or death? A car went by on the gravel road, on the far side of a ditch-line of lavender yarrow and clumps of black-eyed susans and purple cone flowers, throwing a cloud of dust into the late-afternoon sun. Marlys turned to look. Lori Schaeffer, who lived three more miles out.

A US intelligence contractor has been charged with leaking classified Citizen Security Agency material about Russian interference in the presidential appointment. It said she was arrested on Saturday. It was individual of the first concrete efforts by the administration of US President Donald Trump to aside down on leaks to the media. The charges were announced less than an hour afterwards The Intercept news site published a top-secret document from the NSA. While the charges accomplish not name the publication, a US official with knowledge of the case said Winner was charged with leaking the NSA report to The Intercept. A second US official confirmed The Intercept document was authentic after that did not dispute that the charges were directly tied en route for it. The Justice Department has declined to comment on the case beyond its filing. The FBI and Winner's mother did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The UK produced Eric King as of British activist group Privacy Global found the document and told Lateline he was astonished. The revelations from NSA contractor-turned-whistleblower Mr Snowden revealed the extent en route for which Five Eyes were harvesting private information from the internet. Questions of mass surveillance Questions are now being raised a propos whether or not Australians are under mass surveillance. The ASD is prohibited from spying arrange the communications of Australians classified Australia, but all that changes when communications go offshore, designed for example with internet activity.

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