Does size really matter?

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Sun 22 Nov With his day job, springing imprisoned girls out of brothels? With his past life as a heroin addict? Or the fact that he used to be on the payroll of alternative-rock band Jane's Addiction, his job description hovering somewhere between manager and spiritual guru? Or that he refers to himself as a priest and studies the Bible for at least an hour every morning? I worry, though, about how believable that would be. There are moments reading the book when I wonder if he's not a bit of a fantasist: the facts of his life seem so incredible.

Jelle Let me clarify by saying this was a willing affiliation between the guy and me. We met online on SeekingArrangement. We met through that locate, but we quickly took things into our own hands. Fifty Shades of Grey is naught in comparison.

After you purchase through links arrange our site, we may be paid commission on some of the items you choose to accept. But what about the guys who lie at the erstwhile ends of the spectrum? My knob seemed bigger, but who was I to know? It was only when I abandoned my virginity that I bring into being out. As with most ancestor, the first time was a bit of a disaster. I was 16, and I was so scared that it took me ages to get an erection.

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