How to activate and use Google Chat

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Everything about the new update is fine, but the only issue is the auto-correct was terminated off the chat rooms. As well as the red dots under a word to indicate the word was spelled incorrectly. The deleting messages for everyone now is a good update like, really really good but, no one would really want to delete a whole message and then type it out again. It saves time for people to just type a quick message and it could be easily auto-corrected if one or two letters are spelled wrong. A good number of band users have the app on their phones, which is why auto-correct comes in handy along with the red doting under a misspelled word. To end this, all I am recommending is that you would reconsider adding back auto-correct and the red dotings back into chat rooms. Developer ResponseHi there.

Accordingly good job there. These are really good things! The desktop web app is soooo a good deal better. I'm definitely looking by a stretched out iphone app. Even the hangouts UI is set up better than this. The Chat Webapp really is what we need here. All the same even that isn't perfect.

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Amount of The Verge Guide en route for Gmail Real-time collaborative chat, at the same time as exemplified by apps such at the same time as Slack, has become a coarse way to communicate between colleagues and friends, especially since after everything else year when so many of us transitioned to working as of home. Google Chat allows you to hold chat sessions along with friends and groups of friends either on an informal before formal basis. The former be able to be done just between two people or between several all the rage what Google calls a arrange conversation. The latter is done via a separate area so as to Google currently calls a Area. A space, on the erstwhile hand, is for more continuing conversations. Activate Chat on a mobile app Tap the three-line icon at the top-left angle. Activate Chat and Spaces all the rage the General section of Settings. There will now be four icons at the bottom of your Gmail app. And addendum the button on the absolute of the search box so as to lets you choose to be active, away, or undisturbed; you can also type in your own status.

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