125 Nice Pregnancy Congratulations Messages

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Trust me, I know. This comment—while probably meant as a compliment—can be received in a lot of different ways. The fact is, everyone carries their pregnancy differently. I carried the same with my singletons as I did with my twins. Plus, pregnancy has a tendency to make you overly sensitive and very hormonal, so how about we lay off the snarky jokes? Said sweetly, it may mean exactly that—may God bless you for doing this amazing thing and bringing life into the world. Plus, all babies are natural. What are you going tell us?

It takes us to emotional heights — and depths. It changes our values as well at the same time as our shapes. But too a lot, we focus on the inconveniences and aches of pregnancy. As a replacement for, it should — and be able to — be a time filled with good health, motivation, consideration, re-evaluation and just plain amusement. Here are 25 ways en route for enjoy the opportunities pregnancy provides so you can really savor this special time in your life. Take advantage of your status.

Congratulations on the new bundle of joy that will be amalgamation your life soon. You are now entering into the a good number privileged position on this globe, motherhood. I am so agitated for you as I assume of all the fun times ahead for you and your family. All my love after that best wishes to you after that your baby! Congratulations on your upcoming mini-me! If you assume it is hard sleeping along with a huge bump and altogether that kicking inside, just delay until your little treasure is out in the real earth.

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