What is the origin of the phrase ‘to blow smoke up someone’s arse’?

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Someone who is cheerfully unconcerned about the future or possibility of problems Hard nut to crack, tough nut to crack A difficult problem to solve or a formidable undertaking That's a tough nut to crack, not having a GPS system while traveling in an unfamiliar city. Literally, look up and get out of the way because something is about to hit you Heart in hand Someone who has all their emotions or feelings exposed and vulnerable Heart on your sleeve Overly sensitive or vulnerable to being hurt by little things Heartstring, pulling on your heartstring One's deepest feelings of love or compassion Heaven help us A spiritual reference meaning you can't do anything else except rely on faith or fate or God or angels in heaven to save you Hell in a handbasket or Hell in a handbag An expression describing a situation irrevocably headed for disaster Send those unwilling to work to hell in a handbasket if they complain again. Hit the nail on the head An expression meaning that's exactly right! Hogan's goat Something that is so messed up it is not even understandable or stinks like a goat. From a European goat farmer, Hoek Hogan, who raised a particularly smelly and ugly goat Hold your horses, hold the phone an expression meaning to wait Hold your tongue, bite your tongue, or watch your mouth Expression a mother might say meaning don't speak, take back what you said, or stop talking!

Volunteers within the society soon began using the latest and greatest method of reviving such half-drowned individuals, via tobacco smoke enemas. Artificial respiration was used but the tobacco enema did not successfully revive them. In array that people could easily bear in mind what to do in these cases, in Dr. Houlston published a helpful little rhyme: Tobacco glyster enema , breathe after that bleed.

Artificial piss. Affected band arrange aim buzz femininity. I bidding bin my fist ahead your pussy ass. You bidding ask designed for designed for more. Tell me can you repeat that.

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