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Call 15 Min When choosing a treating practitioner, it's important to feel a sense of connection. I firmly believe we work as a team, so this 15 minute call allows you to ask questions so we can discuss how I can help you along your healing journey. This meeting can take place in-person in my massage therapy clinic in Collingwood, but is also available online or by phone. Why Focus On Moms? When we take care of mom, we take care of the whole family. This inclination has led to many mothers moving forward with aches and pains that they get used to, and many forget what it feels like to live in a body that is working optimally. I provide massage and movement therapy to mamas and their families, in beautiful Collingwood, ON. I know it because I was a victim of that disconnect. I struggled emotionally and physically as a new mom and found the idea of helping myself out of it incredibly overwhelming.

It was a rocky road it still is at times Although I found that through advance I could feel better all the rage my body, in strength after that function, and in mental after that emotional resilience. After being definite for a decade, I accepted wisdom finding the perfect partner was the hard part. But the path to becoming a mom proved far more difficult. It was littered with loss, awkwardness, struggle, depression, anxiety, disconnection after that then finally that moment we had yearned for… a attractive baby girl. I had a few pain and incontinence depending arrange what I was doing, I felt a heaviness in my pelvic floor, I was beat, and disconnected physically and expressively. It was eleven months boundary marker delivery when I finally adage a pelvic health physiotherapist.

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Allison was our featured practitioner all the rage November She uses a amalgamation of Swedish massage, IASTM apparatus assisted soft tissue mobilizationas able-bodied as more active techniques after that myofascial to treat common issues such as back and collar pain and more serious conditions including impingement, whiplash, disc herniations and more. Having experienced constant pain herself, Allison understands the importance of making small changes in daily habits to advantage decrease stress or pain conditions. She also looks forward en route for creating tailored care plans en route for help her patients combat these issues and achieve their fitness goals. On her free age, Allison enjoys dance and swimming as she believes freedom of motion and mobility are actual important for an active beneficial lifestyle, as well as designed for everyday life.

Knead Therapy What is a beneficial massage? If you are an athlete, you know the quantity of dedication that it takes to be good at your sport. You have to aim your muscles and tissues en route for perform in the ways you want them to, which be able to ultimately lead to pain after that soreness. Therapeutic massage is frequently used in Collingwood, ON athletes whose muscles may have knowledgeable extended periods of overuse.

Choice Page Massage Therapy Collingwood Ontario We believe that massage analysis can be a powerful assistant if you are recovering as of an injury, suffering from a chronic condition, or just trying to live a healthier animation in Collingwood, ON. Most ancestor think that massage is accurately for relaxation purposes. Although accomplishment a massage can definitely advantage you relax, massage therapy be able to also be used as a way to restore your fitness and help you find aid from a condition that capacity cause chronic pain. Registered Knead Therapy. For example, massage analysis may be able to advantage you improve your range of motion, ease your dependence arrange medication, stretch your muscles, advance tissue regeneration, and much add. RMT Massage. At Collaborative Fitness Group, we believe that knead therapy can be a able ally if you are recovering from an injury, suffering as of a chronic condition, or a minute ago trying to live a healthier life. For many of our patients, we combine massage analysis with chiropractic treatments to advantage them get the best results possible and may do the same for you.

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