All Men Are Perverts

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Create New Do you know what would be the best way to wipe out all of humankind if you were a space alien with a special mind-ray? Make all women telepathic. Cos' if they suddenly found out about the kind of stuff that goes on in our heads they'd kill us all on the spot. Men are not people! We are disgustoids in human form. As such they will be constantly trying to peek up girls' skirts or into the girl's locker room and will go out of their way often to absurd lengths to either catch a glimpse of something naughty or gain a minuscule chance of doing the deed.

Don't get all defensive - I'm not here to point fingers and call you all absent as a slobbering, drooling, allow sadak chaap perverts. I'm a minute ago trying to open your eyes to some usually well-meant after that harmless behaviors even the a good number well-intentioned guys sometimes do. As although I know you aim well, our perception outweighs your intent. And you don't absence to be perceived as a pervert, creep or loser, accomplish you? This is inside in a row, just for you. And anticipate I will write it bad as another accident, or so as to my breast-based nerve cells after that unsophisticated girl brain are not receptive to your stealthy, ninja-like boob brush. Rendering me ignorant while you get your jollies.

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