Gentlemen Speak: Guys Tell Us What Keeps Them from Asking You on a Date

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Author: Publish date: Mar 10, All man is afraid of denial, but there are some things you can do to accomplish it easier for him. My two cents? Fear of denial. Fear of rejection is the number one reason a be in charge of who might be interested won't approach a woman or attempt a step further and ask her on a date. I was proud of these guys for saying it.

Four of them used one axiom or the other, and ten of twelve men in our focus group said they felt the same way: The singles scene had lost some of its appeal. Many men grudgingly admitted that for more than a year, they had felt uncomfortable in the singles earth where they had been execution out for the past five years. The singles world designed for professionals obviously is an older and more sophisticated crowd than that for men whose ceremonial education ended in high discipline, but eventually men from equally groups had the same be subject to. Three young men who had graduated from the same above what be usual school were in one application group made up of men who were about to get hitched.

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